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June 2022 Board Update

With the cancellation of the 29 Jun HOA meeting, we wanted to provide a short update on the major issues the board has been dealing with.

  1. Thank you to Mark Riedy, Rich Alsop, Sabrina Heffernan and Lin Hill who have volunteered their time and talent as the next members of the HOA Board. Turnover is underway with a completion date expected around 01 Oct.
  2. Landscaping – with the installation of the trees in the medians, we are are gong to maintain what we have within our remaining budget for 2022. No other work will be done this year.
  3. With more than $19,000 due to the HOA in delinquent accounts, the board has moved forward with legal action for collection. We are beginning with the most egregious accounts and view accounts greater than 90 days past due in violation of agreement between the HOA and the homeowner. Once legal action has started, the legal fees associated with collection are added to the balance due, any remaining balance due for the remainder of the year will be accelerated and become due at judgement, and the homeowner forfeits the ability to pay month to month.
  4. Spring inspection letters have been sent out, please make an effort in correcting any deficiencies noted. During the inspection, several other items such as doors painted in colors not following ARC standards, 5th wheel trailers and RVs as well as boats, and window air conditioning units were highlighted as not in compliance. Notifications will be sent to those homeowners and enforcement IAW our covenants will occur if necessary.
  5. All homeowners should have received a letter from the board and our management company, Community First Management (CFM), outlining the move of our financial management to CFM on 01 Aug.